The Worried Princess: Vanessa the Vampire Gets a New Job

We are proud to present the latest installment of our Field Trip Book of the Month series: a tale from our Storytelling & Bookmaking field trip written by the students from Brentwood Science Magnet. Ms. Mestman’s 3rd graders spend the morning with us brainstorming, writing, editing, and publishing their very own book–a dramatic and humorous story of royalty, tax evasion, and fast food–as a part of 826LA’s Field Trips program. Please read on and enjoy The Worried Princess: Vanessa the Vampire Gets a New Job.

A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers who helped make this field trip possible: Margi, Adrian (our Illustrator), and Lauren (our Mrs. Barnacle)!

And now, onto the story!

pic2Once upon a time, there was a vampire named Vanessa. She had long curly black hair and big long fangs. The bite mark on her neck was given to her by her mother. Vanessa wore a rainbow dress and heels that looked like red roses.

Her home was a princess castle that was as big as a mansion. It was six stories high with two tall towers. One of these towers was her bedroom and the other was a dressing room. She flew from one tower to another. Every morning she flew to Rainbow Coffee, her favorite cafe.

One day she flew to Rainbow Coffee but saw the owner, Dummy, standing outside. Dummy was purple; part elephant, part bunny, and part dog, and he wore a tuxedo with an apron over it.

“You are banned for life from this cafe!” he cried. As he shouted, he dab danced and knocked over a cup of Raindo, the special brew with a rainbow on it.

“Why am I banned?” she asked. Dummy answered, “You forgot to pay taxes last year!” Vanessa replied, “But it’s my birthday! I will pay back all the taxes I owe.”

Vanessa needed money but didn’t know where to find a job. She flew to Princess Mall where there were jobs at Sock Repair, Riley’s Rotten Burger, and Banana Split, an all-you-can-eat buffet.

When she walked into Riley’s Rotten Burger, she met the owner, George, a goblin who wore a basketball jersey. She asked if there was a job, and he told her that they were looking for a chief chef.

Vanessa said, “I don’t know how to cook Rotten Burgers but I am a fast learner so would you show me?”

George took her into the kitchen and showed her a cold rotten patty, moldy bread, stinky cheese, and a used sponge. The secret sauce was made from mold from the corners of the shop, water, and orange juice. pic3

Vanessa felt disturbed and a bit grossed out but she needed the money. Just then Dummy walked in and ordered a double Rotten Burger with a glass of Rotten Milk, and Rotten Fries with extra sauce.

What should she do? She decided that she would make the best Rotten Burger ever, hoping that Dummy would let her back into the Rainbow Coffee.

Dun dun dun…

And that’s their cliffhanger! Students took over from there and wrote their own endings.

Here is Clara’s tragic culinary conclusion: “Then Dummy said, ‘You know what? I’m tired of having a vampire in my shop. I’ll try the burger, and if it tastes bad, you’re out of here and never come back.’ And so he did. Vanessa made the rotten burger and Dummy tasted it. It was horrible and he said, “Nice job. You are never coming back!” 

In Joshua’s ending, all is well that ends with a well-done super bad burger: “Vanessa makes the worst burger ever. Even though it was super bad, Dummy still loved it. He said that Vanessa could have all the free coffee she wanted on her birthday for a birthday present ever year. She didn’t even have to pay taxes. She felt so excited she asked Dummy for a job at Rainbow Cafe and Dummy said yes.”

How would you end this story?

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