Volunteers of the Month: March 2018

From 826LA in Echo Park

Name: Nima Ghomeshi
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Actor

Favorite 826LA moment(s) with students? We were working on poems and giving feedback and one student said to another: “It’s okay to be emotional!” I loved it.

Oxford comma or no oxford comma: I used to be Oxford comma, but I finally abandoned it after somehow being convinced that its usage was “wrong.” I think it’s time to go back though.

From 826LA at Manual Arts

Name: Miguel Camnitzer
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Occupation: Student, MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University

Favorite 826LA moment(s) with students? My favorite aspect of volunteering at 826LA is learning what students are passionate about, whether it’s sports cars or gemstones, Pokémon or Minecraft. I love when I can help them solve a problem or teach them something new, but the best part of any session is when they turn it around and teach me (which happens all the time)!

Oxford comma or no oxford comma: Oxford all the way!


From 826LA in Mar Vista

Name: Phil Hughes
Hometown: Grew up in Davis, have lived in Venice for 23 years
Occupation: Retired elementary school teacher from LAUSD. I substitute teach regularly.

Favorite 826LA moment(s) with students? For the past two years most of my volunteering has been with students writing their essays for college admission. I love hearing the students’ stories and helping them develop and format what they want to say. I hope the writing sessions in some small way contribute to enhancing future possibilities for students I work with; I know the sessions are immensely satisfying for me.

Oxford comma or no oxford comma: Go Team Oxford!

Interested in becoming an 826LA volunteer? Sign up for a Volunteering 101 Orientation session below:

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