Volunteers of the Month: January 2018

From 826LA in Echo Park

Name: Xochitl Ruiz
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Entertainment Marketing

Takis or Hot Cheetos? Takis! 100%! When the students first introduced me to Takis, they’d burn a hole in my stomach, but now I eat them like a boss! 💪

Favorite 826LA moment(s)? Some of my favorite moments have been when I’ve seen the students are proud of their writing. The look of accomplishment on their faces is everything.

From 826LA at Manual Arts

Name: Samantha Powell
Hometown: Boston, MA
Occupation: VP of Operations, New River Investments

Takis or Hot Cheetos? Hot Cheetos

Favorite 826LA moment(s)? My favorite moment so far has been answering the questions of a high school student who was excited by, and a tad anxious about, the idea of attending college in my hometown of Boston.

From 826LA in Mar Vista

Name: Amy Siegel
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA.
Occupation: Retired social worker

Takis or Hot Cheetos? Can I please choose pretzels instead!?

Favorite 826LA moment(s)? Many good memories. I enjoy the relationships with the kids.




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