Volunteers of the Month: February 2018

From 826LA in Echo Park

Name: Kristen Kovach
Hometown: Vienna, VA
Occupation: Social Media Manager

Avengers or Justice League? Justice League (100% because of Wonder Woman)

Favorite 826LA moment(s)? My favorite moment was watching a shy student really come out of her shell during a stand-up comedy exercise. She was so nervous to tell her jokes in front of everyone, but after that first round of applause, her smile was priceless!

From 826LA at Manual Arts

Name: Sharon Cohen
Hometown: Durban, South Africa
Occupation: Writer/Editor

Avengers or Justice League? Obama is my favorite super hero.

Favorite 826LA moment(s)? Today when I arrived to work on the book narrative, my student was very anxious. The person she was supposed to interview had cancelled and she was way behind on her assignment. She didn’t know which family elder to interview. So we started talking about her grandparents and we settled on her grandfather. who had escaped  genocide as a toddler. At age 20 he came to the US with an older brother, and became financially successful.

At the end of the hour she had an outline, an introduction, a set of interview questions, optimism and a smile. She left feeling good, and so did I. And we both learned that perseverance and hope can overcome the worst of circumstances. Her grandfather is living proof.

From 826LA in Mar Vista

Name: Jerry Rosen
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Writer

Avengers or Justice League? Neither. But I’ll take Fats Domino over Elvis Presley every day of the week. If you have to ask why, you’ll never understand.

Favorite 826LA moment(s)? When the light bulb goes off and they draw a collective deep breath and then shout, “Yeah, let’s write it just that way!” Amazing.



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