Volunteers of the Month: May 2017

From 826LA at Manual Arts: 
Steff was born and raised in Los Angeles. She enjoys working with others, learning new skills, Special Olympics and reading. Volunteering provides a way of giving back and helping others find their voices. She encourages others to do their best and enjoy the experience. Steff has supported programs at Manual Arts High School, including the Great LA Personal Statement Weekend and Scholarship Day. She has a great assortment of hats.


From 826LA in Echo Park:
Jairo began volunteering in February of 2017. He is a Los Angeles native, born in UCLA but educated in USC. He is an avid podcast listener, pie enthusiast, KCRW lover, and explorer. He enjoys a good board game, is a huge supporter of Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and the Colombian national futbol team. He occasionally dabbles in athletic activities such as biking or a pick-up soccer game. He really enjoys volunteering In-Schools for the opportunity to work with a group of high school students over several weeks.


From 826LA in Mar Vista:
Adrian’s day job is as a screenwriter and playwright, but he regularly volunteers at Mar Vista’s field trips often lending his silky British accent to the role of Mr. Barnacle.  He first got involved after his wife Becky began volunteering and told him how much he would love it.

She wasn’t wrong and now Adrian gives at least one morning a week to 826LA, claiming that helping kids unlock their creativity, confidence and storytelling potential usually makes him feel hugely uplifted and creative too.  He genuinely believes volunteering at 826LA has helped relight the fire he has in his soul for writing of all types.  And he’s happy to say he’s met some brilliant people doing it.

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