Volunteers of the Month: April 2017

From 826LA:
Meghan DeRoma is a LA artist and illustrator who has made helping kids be creative a life goal. She lends a creative hand at 826LA on graphic design and illustration projects. She’s been to school for art, been in the chaotic world of branding & design, and to the impressionable school of life. When she is not creating Time Travel Mart necessities, she is hanging with her family or working on her character-building kids brand called Silly Street. She is passionately motivated (read: obsessed) with filling the minds of little ones with possibility, imagination, and gritty, flexible, strong creative muscles — which is why she loves 826LA.

From 826LA in Echo Park:
Marilyn Wilker began volunteering at 826LA in the Fall of 2015 after moving to LA from Chicago. She loves helping with Field Trips and Personal Statements. She began her career as a high school English teacher. She has also worked as a correspondent for a daily newspaper and as a marketing communications director for a health system in Cleveland, Ohio. In Chicago, she was Vice President of Strategy for a small advertising agency called Cows In Trees. Currently she is an independent marketing consultant, helping hospitals and universities build their brands. A fan of good ice cream, she named her consulting practice MintChip Communications.

From 826LA in Mar Vista:
As a native-born Angeleno, Kathy is extraordinarily proud of Los Angeles and its citizens. Kathy strongly believes that a good education enables a child to become a discerning and intelligent adult who has the tools necessary to create a world filled with equality and respect. It is this belief that sparked her initial interest in 826LA, and particularly Mar Vista’s After-School Tutoring program. Kathy is a witness to the value of the Write-On program as she has watched child after child develop ever greater skills in expressing both ideas and emotions. Kathy, also known as “The Tai Chi Lady,” is delighted that so many students are interested in learning tai chi and feels privileged to be involved in the world of 826LA.

After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UCS, Kathy graduated from Loyola Law School and practiced in Los Angeles as an estate planning and trust attorney. Kathy loves to exercise, particularly tai chi which she tries to practice daily. She is also passionate about reading (and her book group), movies, theater, music, photography, traveling – and tutoring at 826LA!

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