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Volunteers! Welcome to 826LA’s Volunteer Portal–a one-stop page with supplemental materials to assist you should you ever need a refresher. Please email us with ideas of what you’d like to see on here, and do check back regularly for updates.


826 Stand
826 Theory of Change
Volunteer Handbook
Race, Gender & Identity 101: A Primer
After-School Tutoring
Field Trips

826 Stand by Gerald Richards, CEO:

A note on 826 National’s stance on diversity, equity, inclusion, as well as dedication to supporting all students from each chapter.

826 National was inspired to take a stand on issues of inclusion and diversity in light of the many events that spotlighted social and racial injustices throughout the country. We as educators, volunteers, and caring adults need to be aware of the wide range of issues our students face on a day-to-day basis. We need to support these young people as they navigate through and try to make sense of the world and their own identities.

We stand for our students.

We stand for our students’ right to express their opinions—freely, creatively, and safely—and to provide them the space to do that, free of judgment and full of support.

We stand for our students’ right to tell their stories, share their experiences, and seek out information and answers.

We stand for connecting our students to caring adults—volunteers eager to listen as students search for answers and discover themselves.

Through our work and our actions, we must continuously support the development of our students’ voices and stories, and also celebrate those voices and stories.

We stand for building diverse and inclusive environments for our students, our volunteers, and our staff.

We need the support and the feedback from our community to ensure 826 is living up to these standards. Through our inclusion statement, our internal diversity and inclusion group, cultural competency resources provided to staff and volunteers, and partnerships with other organizations, we are always working towards being a more inclusive and supportive organization.

We at 826 have the privilege of working with the next generation of scholars, teachers, doctors, artists, lawyers, and writers. It’s our job to make sure they are able to take their own stands.

As an organization committed to encouraging youth in their creative expression, personal growth, and academic success, 826 National and its chapters recognize the importance of diversity at all levels and in all aspects of our work. In order to build and maintain the safe, supportive 826 environment in which great leaps in learning happen, we commit ourselves to inclusion: we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, nationality, marital status, English fluency, parental status, military service, or disability.

The 826 National network is committed to encouraging youth to express themselves and to use the written word to effectively do so. We encourage our students to write, take chances, make decisions, and finish what they start. And 826 strives to do this in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion.

826 Theory of Change:

The foundation of each 826 chapter’s programming recognizes 826 centers as “third spaces” with goals of reciprocating cultures of creativity, norming the activities of writing and reading, and more.

Download it here.

Volunteer Handbook:

An updated version of the handbook you received at our Volunteering 101 orientation, which includes tons of information about our programs and how to be a superb volunteer.

Download it here.

Race, Gender & Identity 101

A primer on the 826LA way of talking with students about current events, their lives, and inappropriate things they may say, do, or experience. Attend our semesterly training for more detailed information and practice!

Download it here.

After-School Tutoring:

All the ins and outs of managing the students at your table and information on 826LA’s approach to writing. You can find hard copies of the “Tutor Tips & Common Challenges” sheets in the Writing Lab.

Echo Park Tutor tips & common challenges

General Writing structure

Field Trips

Descriptions of the types of fields trips we offer and all the roles a volunteer can expect to perform.

EP & MV Choose Your Own Adventure Field Trips Guide

EP and MV Storytelling & Bookmaking Field Trips Guide

MV Well-Wishing & Poetry Writing Field Trip Guide

Memoir Field Trip Guide Google Doc in “Field Trips – Vol Portal” folder

Small Group Storytelling Field Trip Guide Google Doc in “Field Trips – Vol Portal” folder