Valentine’s Day, 826LA Style: “Love is a duck in a truck”

826LA Students Write Love Poems
for our Friends of 826LA

826LA students made Valentine’s Day cards filled with adorable and wise love poems for our friends and donors! Read notes from true romantics to confused souls below. Ignore the spelling errors, and embrace the love!

“Love is..
Something prechis and don’t let it go.” 

—Tito, age 11

“Love is…
Whene every body thinks about each oder and they have the hapest live and have confedens in your self alway. Love is the speshul time 826LA.”


“Love is a duck in a truck.”

— Steven, age 10

“Love is when your partner tells you you have a moco and they wipe it off.” 

—TNT student

“Love is special, Love is life, love is warm, and love is caring.”

— Juan, age 12

“Love is funny and sad. Love is love.”

—Grace, age 6

“Love is where teachers treat you special, who treat you like family no matter where or how late it is. Love does not disappear, ther is love in the air, people who treat you fair love you. there is only one place who shows that… 826LA.”

—Caileigh, age 9

“Love is a miracle given to us, which is passed down. Today and forever, you give us this gift, but today we give it to you.”

—Lisa, age 11

“Love is when you do good on a math test. Love is when you do a good job on your homework.”

—Guadalupe, age 9

Every donation given to 826LA ensures that over 9,500 students in Los Angeles can attend Field Trips, receive homework help for free in our Tutoring program, and become published authors. As a token of gratitude, 826LA students made Valentine’s Day cards filled with adorable and surprisingly wise love poems for our community! To help continue providing students like this access to free writing and tutoring programs donate todayTo learn more about ways to volunteer click here

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