Untold Stories of Los Angeles: 826LA Writers’ Room to College

The 826LA Writers’ Room at Manual Arts High School helps students apply to college and get into their dream schools. Modeled after 826LA’s writing centers, the Writers’ Room has provided support for more than half the school’s students since opening in 2015. Here are the stories of four students who have gone from the Writers’ Room to college with the support of 826LA.


Idalia O., Stanford University Class of ’21

“826LA helped me find and share my voice when others told me I was wrong….I began to see the beauty in my own words, because they belonged to me and they told a story that only I fully knew about.”



Jhonatan L., Cal State Northridge Class of ’21

“826LA and the Writers’ Room at Manual Arts helped me to achieve one of my hardest goals, which was attending college…. thanks to 826LA and the Writers’ Room at MAHS, I was able to [receive] more than I ever expected in [college] scholarships.”




Jennifer Stephanie F., UC Davis Class of ’21

“While working with 826LA, I learned to really not care what people think about me and my writing. I learned that there isn’t any specific way to write when it comes to creative writing…. If it wasn’t for [826LA] and their unconditional love and support, I would’ve stayed silent my first year [of college] and not used the most powerful tool I have: my voice and thoughts.”



Jorge C., Harvard University Class of ’21

“The support provided by the 826LA staff was incredibly powerful beyond a good paper; it was an emotional and educational crutch. Any doubts or self-conflicting ideas I had were easily smoothed over with a very helpful tutor.”




Learn more about our Writers’ Room and In-Schools College Access programs here

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