#ThanksForGiving: “Some of the most joyful and rewarding hours of my life.”

November 2017 to November 2018 was a time to shine for a group of 16 volunteers who gave 100 or more hours of their individual time to 826LA’s students and programs. This group volunteered a total of 2,636.69 hours across all of our free programs!

We at 826LA are extremely thankful for these extraordinary volunteers. So thankful in fact, that we’re showing them off here!

Check out this wonderful group of volunteers and read what they have to say about volunteering at 826LA:


Margaret Reeve

“The hours I spend at 826LA are inspiring, full of contagious joy and laughter.”

Margie Templeton

“Time flies when you are having fun! I enjoy working with Mike, the students, and the other volunteers.”

Roberta Ritz

100 hours, “Tutoring at 826LA is immensely rewarding for me because I’m helping the kids express themselves through the written word.”


Sarah Marsh


Kristina Gsell

188 hours “Time flies when you’re having fun volunteering with 826LA!”


Douglas Wood

“I got to spend 116 hours at 826LA last year making a difference; I spent 1160 hours last year arguing politics on Facebook and made no difference whatsoever.”


Omar Andrade

“I came to help the kids, but I stayed for the snacks.”

Kathryn Ballsun

“Since 826LA students endlessly engage with their questions, laughter, sometime sighs, and challenges, I feel privileged to be a tutor.”

Matt Conway

“826LA is a great place to volunteer. It makes it easy to keep coming back.”


Susan Hamilburg


Miguel Camnitzer

“These 118 hours working with the brilliant students at 826LA have been some of the most joyful and rewarding hours of my life.”

Andrew Stinson

“Thank you for letting me be of service!



A big thank you to the following volunteers on this year’s 100+ hour dream team:

Julie Stark, 103 hours
Peter Donald, 223.51hours
Anita Jaskol, 191.68 hours
Josephine Bloomfield, 282 hours


If you are a prospective volunteer and you would like to join in on the fun we have here in the 826LA writing lab, please read about our volunteering opportunities here.

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