#ThanksForGiving: “102 hours of laughter and inspiration (and some homework, too)”

The 2016-2017 school year was a time to shine for a small, dedicated group of 18 volunteers who gave 100 or more hours of their time each to 826LA’s students and programs. This group volunteered a total of 2,538.84 hours across all of our free programs!

We at 826LA are extremely thankful for these superstar volunteers. So thankful, in fact, that we’ve made them take photos with the number of hours they’ve volunteered this year just to show them off!

Check out this wonderful group of volunteers and read what they have to say about volunteering at 826LA.


Benjamin Chapman

I lost track of the time, I was having so much fun!

Brad Kaiserman

“It’s been awesome–best place to volunteer.”

Jo Ellen Aragon

“This quote rings truer now more than ever: ‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.'”

Josie Bloomfield

For every 100 hours I volunteer, it seems like five more kids get taller than me–is this Common Core Math????

Justine Penrose

The hours really fly by when you’re helping kids edit stories about friendly dragons, monsters trick-or-treating, exploration of new planets, and time-traveling Ferraris.”

Kristina Gsell

“I impressed myself this year, but I’m not too surprised because of how much I love volunteering with 826LA!”

Leticia Velasquez

“I don’t track the hours when working with students at 826LA. Proud to be part of an elite group of 18!”

Jeremy Gaudette

Manuel Luis

“122.5 smiles made, this is why I <3 826LA!

Andrew Stinson

“I am going to keep coming until Jairo graduates!”

Margi Reeve

“”826 has been a great opportunity. I’ve been doing storytelling, poetry, screenwriting, memoir, and choose your own adventure workshops since I left the workplace three years ago. I also help ELL students in the summer camp. It’s a constant delight to work with these young people. Their curiosity, openness, sense of humor, and excitement are contagious. The other volunteers make a great team.”

Meredith Morse-Goldberg

102 hours of laughter and inspiration (and some homework, too).

Sarah Varet

“I am thrilled each day that I get to serve the amazing 826LA community.”

Kathy Ballsun

With 826LA students bringing fun, joy, and challenge, volunteering is consistently rewarding.”


A big thank you to the following volunteers on this year’s 100+ hour dream team:

Dilma Camposano, 129 hours
Ellie Barancik, 125 hours
Kathy Ballsun, 213.5 hours
Gail Frigo, 180.5 hours
Matt Conway, 127 hours “Hey, that’s a Mersenne prime.”





If you are a prospective volunteer and you would like to join in on the fun we have here in the 826LA writing lab, please read about our volunteering opportunities here.

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