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Hooray for 826 Day!

“Working with a tutor didn’t only change my personal statement, but my life. I am grateful that my tutor took the time to review my personal statement. My writing process was changed from a laundry list draft to a draft … Read more

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Volunteer Voices: Erika Svenningsen

About halfway through my first morning volunteering with my soft-spoken and shy nine-year-old reading buddy, Bruno, he looked up at me and asked, “Will you be here every day?” And . . . I was hooked. Of course, I had … Read more

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Adopt-A-Seat Volunteers Do a Stand-Up Job at 826LA

At the end of May, in front of a stage decorated with bright purple tinsel, our After-School Tutoring students read aloud pieces from the latest chapbook from Echo Park, Street Lights Are Replaced with Gummy Bears. In the audience, some … Read more

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