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Hooray for 826 Day!

“Working with a tutor didn’t only change my personal statement, but my life. I am grateful that my tutor took the time to review my personal statement. My writing process was changed from a laundry list draft to a draft … Read more

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Volunteer Voices: Erika Svenningsen

About halfway through my first morning volunteering with my soft-spoken and shy nine-year-old reading buddy, Bruno, he looked up at me and asked, “Will you be here every day?” And . . . I was hooked. Of course, I had … Read more

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Adopt-A-Seat Volunteers Do a Stand-Up Job at 826LA

At the end of May, in front of a stage decorated with bright purple tinsel, our After-School Tutoring students read aloud pieces from the latest chapbook from Echo Park, Street Lights Are Replaced with Gummy Bears. In the audience, some … Read more

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Volunteers of the Month: June 2015

From 826LA in Mar Vista: A native of Evanston, Illinois, and the son of high school math teachers, Andy Paschen quickly realized his childhood rebellion against math was woefully misguided. Thankfully, Andy’s been able to contribute to 826LA in other … Read more

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