Student Writing Wednesday: Selections from “Limón y Nuez”

“I am proud not to be rich, because I have manners.”

Me, Myself, and I
Kevin M.

Hi, I am Kevin. I live in California and I am proud of my life. My talent is being a normal kid, and that’s how I was the STUDENT OF THE MONTHHHHHH for the first time in all the years I have been here. I am proud not to be rich, because I have manners, and if you know “The Princess and the Frog” you will understand me.

My Talent
Karla T.

When I was in fifth grade, something that I got recognized for was that I can speak English and Spanish. By just being bilingual for seven years, I got a medal for speaking both languages. One of my unique challenges is that since I dance and play an instrument at the same time, I have to be focused on my studies first, and dancing and playing an instrument second. Another skill that I have is that I can write pages and pages about a big book that I read.

My Role Model
Joisy L.

My role models are my mom and dad. I admire and look up to my mom and my dad because they both work hard and I have learned from my mom and dad that life is not always easy. There will be bad times and good times. What makes my parents role models is that they work to buy us food and they wake up every single day to go to work for me and my brother. My mom taught me respect and manners. For example, I had my elbows on the table and my mom told me that I could not have my elbows on the table.

My Role Models
Miranda A.

My role model is my teacher, Mrs. Mills. I love Mrs. Mills because she is a good drawer and a good artist too. She is kind to me and helpful when she teaches us hard words and how to divide numbers. Sometimes she gets mad, but after a little while she is happy again. She gives us a reading list and when we read every single day she puts a sticker on the squares. If we fill it with stickers, we get a prize from the prize box.

My other role model is [826LA Tutoring Coordinator] Alejandra. She is nice and always tells me to never give up on my homework or my math. She even tells me that she likes my stories and my writing too. She sometimes tells me to add details to my stories to make them better. These are my favorite role models.

Jose C.

I am going to invent a family tradition that is named, “Takisween.” My family’s tradition takes place during Halloween. It takes place during the night. I practice this tradition at my cousin’s house. We drink Gatorade to calm our mouths. We eat Takis until it is time to sleep. My whole family comes to my house and we watch a movie while eating. The movie that we watch is, “Chucky.” My cousin’s name is Efrain and he is two years older than I am. I started “Takisween” when I was nine years old and I started it because I love Takis.

Twenty Years From Now
Camila V.

In twenty years I imagine I would be a lawyer or a basketball player. I will maybe live in a big house in Santa Clarita, it depends on where I go to school. My hobbies will be exploring nature or something. But one thing for sure is that I will have a cat.

My Awesome Single Life
Mia R.

My name is Mia. In twenty years I will be twenty-seven. I want to have a Buttercup Cafe with my sister and with Andrea. Also, I will live in New York because it snows there. I will play with my dog. I will be single. I will have twelve dogs.

“My hobbies will be exploring nature or something. But one thing for sure is that I will have a cat.”

Limón y Nuez is a book about our students. They are bilingual and proud. In fact, many of the students in this publication have been awarded medals for their bilingualism! Ellas y ellos juegan fútbol y tocan melodías en el violín. They read big books and write poetry.

They are normal kids, as student Kevin wrote, but they are also special. Best of all? They are all published authors!

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You can purchase Limón y Nuez at the Time Travel Mart here.

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