Student Writing Wednesday: Marlene’s “The Mean Friend”

“Fluffy, I am here for you. Do not be angry, my friend.”

In the beginning, the tiger was so cute. But nobody wanted to adopt the tiger. One day, a girl named Donna wanted a pet tiger. She looked around until she found the one cute little tiger.

The next day she went to school and talked to her friend about her pet tiger. But one of her friends got jealous because Donna had a pet tiger and she wanted that tiger. So she had a great idea. She said, “Maybe I could put that tiger into space.” She asked Donna if she could go to her house to take care of her pet tiger. Then Donna said, “Yes, you could go to my house to take care of my pet tiger.” The friend put the pet tiger in the rocket ship. Then the tiger went to space. The tiger met the aliens, but they turned him into the evil galaxy tiger. The tiger growled like a lion! The tiger quickly became mean like a dinosaur.

Donna was done doing her stuff. Then she said, “Where is my tiger?” Her friend said, “I don’t know.”

“Are you sure?” Donna said.

“Yes,” the friend said. “Did you do something to my tiger?” asked Donna, and her friend yelled, “No!” Then there was a shake! Donna said, “What is happening? Is…is that my pet? You were lying this whole time. Why did you do this to me?” Then her friend said, “Fine, I will tell you what I did. So I snuck up to your room, got the tiger, and put him into the rocket ship. That’s how he became evil. I think something will help to make him nice again.”

Then they both came outside. Then Donna said, “Fluffy, I am here for you. Do not be angry, my friend.” So the tiger hugged Donna. Then Donna and her pet and her friend were friends again.

Reader, take note: In your hands, you’ll find everything from heartwarming accounts of friendships that are sure to last forever, to villainous tales of evil clowns. In Sorry! Can We Be Friends?, 826LA’s After-School Tutoring students come at a sometimes difficult topic—bullying—from all angles. In the first part of our book, students tapped into their gentler sides, crafting letters to loved ones and tales of kindness. But our students also channeled their darker sides, penning stories about villains who might—or might not—change their evil ways. Finally, our students joined forces to become the Anti-Bullying Avengers, writing collaborative stories about how average people can become heroes by standing up to bullies, or how bullies can resolve to become kinder souls. With Sorry! Can We Be Friends?, prepare to be inspired, spooked, and everything in between.

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