Student Writing Wednesday: Lucas’s “Two Monsters vs. An Alien”

“Every time people tried to do something important, the villains would stop it.”

Once upon a time, there were two friends. One friend was a scientist, and he made a potion for the both of them. But he put the bad potion (he thought it was the good one) on the shelf. He dropped the shelf and the potion dropped on the man, and he turned into a monster! He was green and toxic. His named was Crooker. He went to his friend and forced him to join him. His friend gulped and said, “Yes” because he was scared of Crooker. Crooker brought the potion and his friend turned into Freak Green.

Crooker and Freak Green were so mean. They lived in a sewer and never got back home. They were really, really, really, really bad. They stole and they pickpocketed. They were also fat. They went to every country and state. Every day, the police couldn’t catch them. They made robot guards. Half were boys, half were girls, and they were also ginormous. Every time people tried to do something important, the villains would stop it.

Then a man saw on the news that the two were attacking Earth. The man made a potion. He was a superhero. He made two potions for the villains. His name was Thenos. He saw the villains destroying the city. He did a sneak attack, and the villains sensed it but the potion didn’t break and Thenos was very lucky.

The hero said, “Stop!” Then the villains said, “Shut your big mouth.” Thenos did another sneak attack and the villains turned back into humans. One of them said, “What happened?” The hero said, “You wanted to make a potion and you thought it was the good one, but it was the bad one.” And the scientist said, “But I put it in the basement,” but he forgot so they lived happily ever after.

Then the boy made it again and he turned back into the monster. He destroyed the hall. The hero was confused, but he was making the potion and he beat him quickly.

The end.

Reader, take note: In your hands, you’ll find everything from heartwarming accounts of friendships that are sure to last forever, to villainous tales of evil clowns. In A Friend That Will Never Be Called Enemy, 826LA’s After-School Tutoring students come at a sometimes difficult topic—bullying—from all angles. In the first part of our book, students tapped into their gentler sides, crafting letters to loved ones and tales of kindness. But our students also channeled their darker sides, penning stories about villains who might—or might not—change their evil ways. Finally, our students joined forces to become the Anti-Bullying Avengers, writing collaborative stories about how average people can become heroes by standing up to bullies, or how bullies can resolve to become kinder souls. With A Friend That Will Never Be Called Enemy, prepare to be inspired, spooked, and everything in between.

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