Student Writing Wednesday: Lisa’s “An Unexpected Reunion”

“Whenever I see a taco, the bracelet, or his name in my contacts in my phone, I always remember…”

Everyone says, “Sunny days can mean anything good can happen in a day.” Well, that sunny day was the day that this happened.

I got out of my dad’s car and thought to myself, “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” I headed to the giant gates that protected my old school. I got to the Dragon Festival on a chilly Friday afternoon, the average September day. As I headed to the ticket booth to buy some tickets, I heard my friends calling out, “Hey Lisa! Over here!” I turned around and saw my friends. They are Alejandra, Kysta, Luna, Mia, and Vanessa. After purchasing the tickets with the money my dad gave me, I headed to the direction to where my friend were waiting for me. We spent about 1 ½ hours riding rides, spending time together, and eating food. But one of those foods was very special.

I had just ordered two tacos de carne asada. One of them was more special than the other. I had just caught up with my friends and we were just about to go on more rides when I heard a voice say, “Lisa? Is that you?” At that point, my head exploded with many thoughts saying, “Is it him? Could it be? What is going on!?” Finally, I turned around and, like a ghost showed up, my face went in complete shock. It was my BFF, Tony, and I was so happy to see him. I gave Alejandra my taco and rushed to go hug Tony.

After the hug, my friends let me hang out with Tony for the rest of the festival to catch up with things. We talked about video games, how life was, and telling each other jokes. But there was a dark secret he couldn’t hold on to for long. He told me that he missed me and our old friends, and how hard it would be to say goodbye once again. Before the festival ended, he gave me a little bracelet he had made. I was so surprised by it. He told me that it was a sign of our friendship. I smiled and told him that it was cute and that I loved it. He told me that I should never forget about him.

When we left, we exchanged phone numbers so we could never lose contact ever again. And so whenever I see a taco, the bracelet, or his name in my contacts in my phone, I always remember that very special moment.

Friends and food mesh well, and the students of 826LA’s After-School Tutoring Program in Mar Vista know it! Add some writing into it the mix, and a you’ve got yourself the tasty masterpiece: I Died with the Taste of Deliciousness. Reading passionate poems about student’s favorite foods will make you wish you had treats handy. Be drifted away to multiple alternative universes where your favorite foods live, breathe, and embark on special adventures of their own. Lastly, bask in the fondest food memories of the young writers. From birthday parties gone awry to reconnecting with an old friend, these stories will make you hungry, make you laugh, and shed some tears (of joy, of course!).

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