Student Writing Wednesday: Karla’s “My First Friend”

“I decided to draw this because it explains why and how Ashley and I met.”

I drew about the very first friend that I ever had. That person is Ashley. Some of the people that I drew were my classmates, Ashley, and I. I decided to draw this because it explains why and how Ashley and I met. Something that happened is that when my teacher told us that it was time to draw I told Ashley that she was good at drawing. She was really nice and asked if I wanted to be friends.

Yo dibuje acerca de mi primera amiga que tuve. Esa persona es Ashley. Yo dibuje a algunos de mis compañeros, a Ashley, y a mi. Yo decidí de dibujar esto porque explica cómo y porqué yo conocí a Ashley. Algo que peso es que cuando mi maestra nos dijo que era tiempo de dibujar, yo le dije a Ashley que era buena dibujando. Ella fue muy amable y me pregunto que si queríamos ser amigas.

Whether it’s with sidewalk chalk or in the margins of their homework, there’s one thing the young authors of 826LA love, and that’s drawing. In The Very First Friend I Ever Had, After-School Tutoring students at 826LA in Mar Vista took that passion for drawing and channeled it into comics showcasing their very own lives and friendships. To accompany their sketches, students penned brief descriptions of their comics. They then rose to the challenge of translating those descriptions into Spanish. Finally, they told us a little bit more about themselves, with About the Author cards. What results is a book that fully captures our students’ lives, from their hobbies and friendships to the language many speak at home.

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