Student Writing Wednesday: Sawyer’s “The Game Off the Field”

“It is a really great thing to go somewhere as a child and still enjoy it as an adult. ”

My Dodger game experiences have always been something I remember. In addition to the food and just hanging out with family, there are some special people that contribute to these wonderful experiences like mine.

What some kids don’t know is that there are a lot of cool jobs that aren’t on the filed. There are many other people who work together and make your experience at Dodger Stadium the best it can be.

One of those people is the Dodgers archivist, Mark Langill, who is responsible for all the information about the Dodgers. If you want to know something about the Dodgers, chances are, he could write a whole paragraph about. Langill has been going to Dodger games since he was a child and says that it is a really great thing to go somewhere as a child and still enjoy it as an adult. He also states that if you love baseball and love the ballpark, it is something you can enjoy for your whole life. Another one of those people is the Dodgers official photographer, Jon SooHoo. SooHoo has been with the Dodgers for over 30 years and still takes amazing photos of amazing moments on the field. Lucy Valdez, the receptionist has been working at the Dodgers for 30+ years and always works with a kind attitude. Even after all the years she still enjoys her work.

Even if you aren’t on the field throwing strikes or hitting home runs, there is a career for every person in the baseball industry.

On August 30, the LA Dodgers invited local businesses and community residents to their stadium to attend the Second Annual Echo Park Community Night. A portion of each ticket sold was donated to 826LA. Guests received a cool looking t-shirt, provided by Studio Number One, and enjoyed a pregame ceremony honoring 826LA and other community partners. 

Back in January, 826LA Journalism students took a field trip and toured Dodger Stadium. They were able to visit the stadium again on Echo Park Community Night to attend the game with their family and friends. The students were then challenged to go home and report on their experience.  After submitting her story, “The Game Off the Field,” Sawyer got chosen to have her piece featured in the Jr. Dodgers Newsletter. She took a unique route, in her story writing about the different kinds of jobs behind the scenes of the Dodgers administration.

Congratulations, Sawyer!


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