Student Writing Wednesday: Faviola’s “My Safe Place”

When I’m at the beach I feel really relaxed. I love sitting on the sand listening to waves crash into the rocks.

My safe place is the beach, specifically Venice Beach. Venice Beach is very popular and it’s where most celebrities go. There’s a lot of vendors, mostly selling jewelry or paintings of celebrities. There’s also a lot of artists doing henna tattoos at every block. A henna tattoo is a temporary stain of a design of your choice. You can get a flower, birds, hearts, stars, etc. The design I got was a flower. It was on my hand and it reached a little above my wrist. It took about 15 minutes and lasted about one week.

All of this takes place at the Venice boardwalk. There’s also a lot of restaurants throughout the boardwalk. My favorite is The Terrace, an Italian food place. You should definitely try out the chicken alfredo pasta because it is really creamy and they add a specific cheese on top that’s really good. If you don’t like Italian you can expect to see a lot of booths selling burgers, hot dogs, and funnel cakes.

Walking down the boardwalk you usually smell the restaurant food, but walking towards the water and sand you usually smell the odor from the belongings of homeless people or the people working out in the outdoor gym.

When I’m at the beach I feel really relaxed. I love sitting on the sand listening to waves crash into the rocks. When I’m there I usually tend to not think about anything. I go there when I’m really stressed out about school because of all the homework my teachers pile on me, and studying for all my tests so I won’t fail and disappoint my mom and myself for failing a class. I stay there for about 30 to 40 minutes. After staying there I feel very happy.

I discovered this place not so long ago. It was around February, when I was really stressed out about school and other stuff. My friends took me out and we went to go watch a movie. From there, we went to Venice Beach and just sat there. At that point I felt so at peace and I wasn’t worrying about school or anything anymore.

If you are stressed or depressed you should find a safe place to get your mind off of stuff. Find a place where you can be at peace or something you enjoy. It can be anything, like the park, the mall, and so on.

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