Student Writing Wednesday: Emily’s “The Good in You!”

“One bite is all it takes”

The magnificent smell spreads through the air.
Knowing what’s cooking when I enter the room.
Wanting dinner to be ready soon!

Beans that sprouted from the ground.
Shredded cheese made from a cow.
Wrapped around a tortilla made out of maíz.
Sizzling on the pan slowly, melting the cheese.
Tomato sauce spilled on top, with the hint of spice.
I crave for it every time.

When I bite into the enchilada it’s mild and nice,
Always right.
With two other sides: lettuce and rice.
One bite is all it takes to make me satisfied the rest of the day.
It’s tender nonetheless.
What can I say, it’s always the best.

Food. Food. Food. Who doesn’t like food? In this food-themed chapbook, When I Said I Didn’t Like You, I Lied,  826LA students write odes to their favorite recipes, flavorful comics, and family food memories. Read on for descriptions of how Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Snacks are cooked at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, fresh comics with food characters—complete with heroes and villains, including TacoMcWaffle and Chef Pizza—and family memories, like the time Luke’s mom made her famous tamales or the time Yatzel and Emely had churros at school for Hispanic Heritage Day. Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and enjoy this book of writing by the students of After-School Tutoring.

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