Student Writing Wednesday: Emily’s “The Day Emilly & Yamilka Built a Cloud!”

“Hey, why don’t we invent something?”

Once there were these two people. They were girls. They were named Yamilka and Emilly. They were both twenty years old. Yamilka went to Emilly’s house to play, so they played. Then they got bored. So Emilly said to Yamilka, “Hey, why don’t we invent something?” Then Yamilka said to Emilly, “Like what?” Emilly said, “Like a cloud.” “What? How are we going to make a cloud?” asked Yamilka. “By using our imagination,” said Emilly. “Okay, let’s do it,” said Yamilka. They got different materials from stores, markets, and parks. Once they got the stuff, they brought it to Emilly’s house. Yamilka slept over at Emilly’s house because they were so tired.

The next day they woke up and they put all the materials in one place. They got batteries, sand paper, and nails from the store. They got food from the market to munch on when they got hungry from building the machine. They also got drinks. They also collected plastic bottles from the park. Then, they put all their materials together and before they knew it, they had made a cloud. The machine they had built was very successful. After that, it took them about ten to twenty weeks to put the cloud in the sky. They finally were able to get rest and some sleep after those days. The End!!!

Have you ever wondered how mountains were formed? How stars got into the night sky? What the world looks like from the point of view of a coyote? Have you been dreaming about solutions to water pollution? Our After-School Tutoring Students in Echo Park have answers to those questions in our newest publication, Sitting in a Donut Tree. Throughout the Winter, our students learned about challenges to the natural and built environment, creation stories about the earth from indigenous communities, and learned about the biodiversity of the desert ecosystems. In this book, you will find eloquently written creation stories explaining the origin of animals and natural phenomena. Our students also penned detailed and touching stories from the point of view of desert animals. Finally, the third part of our book offers readers some creative solutions to the most pressing environmental problems. Sitting in a Donut Tree is worth reading over and over again.

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