Student Writing Wednesday: Alan’s “Everyday In South Land I See”

“I smell smoke and fresh grass and cold air”

Everyday In South Land I See
Alan I.

Everyday as I walk to school
I walk through the streets King and Budlong
I see gangsters and some street thugs smoking
some of them look way too young to be smoking
on the corner of Budlong and King

I see a pink house next to an alley with a white fence
I see a young kid being handcuffed by a police officer outside his front porch
I can remember the kid, he was in my Algebra 1 class in 9th grade but he dropped out
I hear people yelling and talking, police sirens
cops, radios, and a SWAT team raiding the house
I smell smoke and fresh grass and cold air

Everyday when I look closer I see good things
I see immigrants working and making my community better
I see people cutting their lawns on King and Budlong
I see mothers and fathers taking their kids to school
I see people painting over graffiti
I hear people saying “Good morning” and people watering their plants and grass
I smell fresh grass being cut and fresh cold air

“I see immigrants working and making my community better”

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