Student Writing: Ashley’s “Magic School”

I will change my school into a magic school.

Students will get a wand for practice then in each grade they will advance. They will go home  at 9:30 AM — a really short day. If they graduate, they will get a magic broom. In college, if they graduate, they will get a powerful wand. What will they do in school? Well, they will learn invisible magic then they will learn to walk through walls. When school is done, they could stay in After-School Magic Tutoring, learn how to defend themselves with black magic with their hands, and learn how to make things. It’s really amazing for the beginners — they are helpful with kids.

What does the broom do? If someone is on it and it isn’t theirs, it goes into lockdown mode. Even if they use magic or black magic, it won’t work with powerful words. The broom will work if it is with its owner. After school? They only have one or two homework assignments that are easy. The kids could go to magic after-school programs. What do the teachers do? Well they help people with nice tricks. The teachers have projects for kids, and the teachers teach one page of homework that is a piece of cake. There is a test to pass sometimes.

Tacos Every Tuesday contains but is not limited to: colorful worlds we all wish to visit, presidential campaigns with brilliant agendas that include world peace and tacos every Tuesday, green transportation for the future, creative ideas to improve our local schools, and Don’t-Try-This-at-Home food recipes. Plus, our genius future leaders give you a glimpse into their creative process in our brainstorming and sketching section!

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