Student Writing: Osvaldo’s “Mystery Man and Captain Power”

Chapter 1 – Floating Glasses

There was a superhero named Mystery Man. One night, the Museum of Diamonds was robbed and Mystery Man was hired to solve the case. He looked at the security camera footage and saw floating glasses and knew who was responsible. It was Invisible Man!!

Chapter 2 – Sidekick Comes

When Mystery Man saw the mysterious floating glasses, he went back to his headquarters and met Edwin who asked him to be sidekick. Mystery Man said, “Yes, you can be my sidekick.”

Chapter 3 – Invisible to Visible

After Edwin was hired by Mystery Man to be his sidekick, he requested to be called Captain Power. Then the two of them went to look for Invisible Man’s mansion. When Captain Power and Mystery Man were flying there, they bumped into an invisible wall. Then, Mystery Man smashed the door Gangnam-Hulk style. Meanwhile, Invisible Man was taking a shower. He heard the door being smashed and quickly drank some invisible potion to become Invisible Man. When Invisible Man came out of the bathroom, Mystery Man noticed his floating glasses and took a step back. Mystery Man suddenly felt thirsty and decided to have a sip of chocolate milk. Then, Captain Power felt like saying a joke.

He said, “Why did the IPhone 7 get glasses?…Because it lost its contacts.” While Mystery Man was drinking his milk, he laughed and spat the milk all over Invisible Man’s face. Then Invisible Man became visible. Mystery Man punched him in the face. Captain Power found Invisible Man’s hand and made him slap himself. Invisible Man fainted. Then the police took Invisible Man to jail.

Museum of Diamonds is a captivating collection of poems and stories from students in the After-School Tutoring Program at 826LA in Echo Park. Throughout the Fall, students discussed, brainstormed, and wrote about their Adventure-ships–adventures with their friends. In the first part of the book you will find some heart felt poetry inspired by loved ones that explore the meaning of friendship. The second part of this book chronicles the action-packed adventures of our superhero students and their sidekick besties. Finally, you’re in for a cryptic treat. Our students penned suspenseful, bone-chilling, and hillarious thrillers inspired by the Legend of “La Llorona.” Hold onto your seats, you’re in for a wild ride.  

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