Student Writing: Nadia’s “Blue Nail Polish”

Blue nail polish has a big meaning for me.
To others it is just a color
To other it is just nail polish
Blue is my favorite color. After all, blue is the most popular color in the world.
Yet that is not why I like blue nail polish.
I believe that blue nail polish transcends gender and sexuality.
I am surrounded by people wearing blue nail polish, whether they are boy or a girl.
This is amazing because blue nail polish allows you to express yourself
No matter who you are.
Yet there are people that think it’s not right for men to wear blue nail polish.
How can such a small little jar of the color blue bring such discrimination?
There is no law or rule anywhere that says men can’t wear blue nail polish
Yet people find a problem.

Blue nail polish is freedom.
Blue nail polish is expression.
Blue nail polish is defiance.

Blue nail polish is ignoring what other people think and staying true to yourself. 

It is never too late to stand up for yourself. It is never too late to turn your life around. It is never too late to appreciate those around you. In this Chapbook, the students of Tuesday and Thursday Night Tutoring at 826LA in Mar Vista explored the genre of creative nonfiction. The result was a book that captures their life in the present moment, their beloved roots, and where they hope to be tomorrow. Read their hopeful words and join us in saying, “it is never too late.”

About The Cover: In breaking an hourglass to stop time and think for a little while, we open our minds to all of the topics mentioned above.

Cover Art: Meghan DeRoma

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