Student Writing: Moises’s “Isolated “

Being alone feels horrible.

It’s like being crushed
By a giant rock that with any movement
Will smash you and flatten your entire soul.
Being alone with nobody to talk to
Makes you feel worthless
Like a dollar lying on the street
Waiting to be picked up by a person
To give it meaning in life.
But sometimes being alone heals your body
It makes you feel better
By boiling your body and burning your problems away
It forces you to reflect
Transforming you into a mirror
Displaying the person you really are
It makes you think about your mistakes
And alters the way you perceive the universe
It teaches you that sometimes
Your destiny is not determined by your fame
And that changing yourself to fit in with others
Will never be the solution
Finally that being hated |
For what you are is better than
Loved for what you are not.

About the Author

Moises U. is a sixteen year old human. He is quiet but friendly. He likes to sleep and eat. He also likes to play video games and chill. He doesn’t likes pickles but he loves to eat Chinese food.

In Soaring So The Past May Heal, students in Andy Molnar’s English class explore life — unadulterated. In highly-reflective and deeply-thoughtful prose and poetry, students from Academic Learning Community in the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex write intensely and poetically about love, loss, family, and everything in between. Through a Student Editorial Board and Writers’ Workshop, these 10th & 11th grade students worked with 826LA volunteers to peer edit and support each other in the writing process.

Cover Art: verynice

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