Student Writing: Lisa’s “Star in the Sky”

It was 1748 and there a group of people called the Tiger Tribe. They lived in a dark world called Mercury Mars. They were dressed in deerskin. There was no light at all. They only had candles. The people were getting tired of using candles. Turning them on and off, on and off.

One day, when everyone was taking a water break, someone saw a light inside the river. The person that saw the light was wondering where the light came from. He reached down into the water and got the light. He held it in the air. The light glowed like the sun. People started to form a crowd.


“How interesting.”

“It’s amazing,” they all said.

The next day, he had a few hours in his house to play and discover all of the light’s power. He watched it all the time to see what the light would do. He let go of the light suddenly. Swoosh! The light flew up to the roof.

While he was getting the ladder to bring the light down he said, “Oh, don’t be scared.”

A few days passed and every day, the light kept flying to the roof.

One day, he gave the light a name. “I’m going to call you Star.”

He noticed that all Star wanted was to be free because he kept flying to the roof. So the next day, he let Star go when he was outside. Star flew up to the sky and Mercury Mars was never a dark world again.

The End.

Have you ever wondered how mountains were formed? How stars got into the night sky? What the world looks like from the point of view of a coyote? Have you been dreaming about solutions to water pollution? Our After-School Tutoring students in Echo Park have answers to those questions in our newest publication, Sitting in a Donut Tree. Throughout the winter, our students learned about challenges to the natural and built environment, creation stories about the Earth from indigenous communities, and learned about the biodiversity of the desert ecosystems. 

Cover Art: Megan Farrell 

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