Student Writing: Leonora’s “The Magical Mountains”

I see the beautiful green grass and the magical hills covering the graceful rivers.

I see the colors of the rivers:
blue, pink, green, red, and purple like a shimmery rainbow on a sunny day.
I see a huge school that’s as big as the Great Wall of China.
I see a tiny fairy dropping fairy dust that twinkles like the night sky.
I see tall flowers that can reach the majestic blue sky.
I see a land that becomes even more magical every day.

Welcome to the universe of After-School Tutoring in Mar Vista! In Twinkle Like the Night, you will meet characters that our students brought to life in our Writing Lab during After-School Tutoring. We hope you enjoy these tales of adventure, friendship, and heroism! This book contains extravagant yet whimsical characters such as: Ice Cube Dude, Braixen The Dragon, The Fourth Grade Chip Thief, and of course, Maddie, the girl who coughed out glitter onto her shoes.

Pick up Twinkle Like the Night at your local Time Travel MartInterested in helping students write stories like these? Become a volunteer.

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