Student Writing: Jose and Emmanuel’s “The Amazing”

The Amazing.

Ingredients needed:

  1. One pizza box
  2. Eight pieces of pizza
  3. Two huge slices of bread
  4. Melted cheese
  5. Melted oreos
  6. Ice cream cone on top of chocolate vanilla
  7. Ice cream cone on top of chocolate vanilla ice cream mixture
  8. M&M’s
  9. French fries


  1. Buy all the materials
  2. State them in order
  3. Eat

Tacos Every Tuesday contains but is not limited to: colorful worlds we all wish to visit, presidential campaigns with brilliant agendas that include world peace and tacos every Tuesday, green transportation for the future, creative ideas to improve our local schools, and Don’t-Try-This-at-Home food recipes. Plus, our genius future leaders give you a glimpse into their creative process in our brainstorming and sketching section!

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