Student Writing: Jonathan’s “The Decisive Mark”

The last time I judged someone by their appearance was when I was in ninth grade.

There was a this kid named Mark that I thought was a bad person. I believed this because of the way he would dress. He would wear large baggy clothing, a silver chain, Vans, and an empty looking backpack. He seemed to me like he might be a disrespectful and lazy person who wouldn’t be good for the school.

One day the class was told to do a group activity that would be worth lots of points. I had no friends in that class so as I looked around I realized I was by myself. Mark came up to me and asked if I wanted to join his group so that I wasn’t alone. I was surprised that he asked me to join him. He was very kind that whole day and made me feel great. He would compliment me on my work and say that I was a pretty chill person. We didn’t finish the project, but after that day I hung out with him and his friends all the time. I got to know that he was a smart, respectful, and kind person. He might have looked violent, but on the inside he was the complete opposite.

It is never too late to stand up for yourself. It is never too late to turn your life around. It is never too late to appreciate those around you. In this Chapbook, the students of Tuesday and Thursday Night Tutoring at 826LA in Mar Vista explored the genre of creative nonfiction. The result was a book that captures their life in the present moment, their beloved roots, and where they hope to be tomorrow. Read their hopeful words and join us in saying, “it is never too late.”

About The Cover: In breaking an hourglass to stop time and think for a little while, we open our minds to all of the topics mentioned above.

Cover Art: Meghan DeRoma

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