Student Writing: Jakob’s “Family”

Family is there for you.

They support you
To the bitter end
They care for you like a
Mother bears cares for its cub

They’ve seen us blossom
Watched us change
Seen us in a good times
Seen us at our worst times

Watched as we failed
And encouraged us to do better
They believe in us
They want to see succeed

The bond between a family is like
Steel chains
It’s hard to break
They’ll do anything for you.

Family is everything.

About the Author

Jakob R. is an athletic person who also likes sneakers. He likes to play football and basketball. He also likes listening to music and some of his favorite artists are Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.

In Soaring So The Past May Heal, students in Andy Molnar’s English class explore life — unadulterated. In highly-reflective and deeply-thoughtful prose and poetry, students from Academic Learning Community in the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex write intensely and poetically about love, loss, family, and everything in between. Through a Student Editorial Board and Writers’ Workshop, these 10th & 11th grade students worked with 826LA volunteers to peer edit and support each other in the writing process.

Cover Art: verynice

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