Student Writing Wednesday: Gerardo’s “I Love My Grandfather Roque”

“He taught me to see the time of hours with the sun”

My grandfather Roque
Respectful is kind and generous
He taught me to work in the field
Plant corn in the field.

My grandfather Roque
I live nine years with him,
He taught me how to take care of animals
He and I went to the village feast in
San Bartolo Albarradas.

My grandfather Roque
He taught me to see the time of hours
With the sun.

My grandfather Roque
He has 85 years,
He and I ate beans with cheese,
He and I hear music drums,
He and I touch the corn.

My grandfather Roque
Watch he and I people in the feast and
Watch tides dragon pendulum of a clock
In the feast he and I smell barbecue


826LA’s In-Schools program partnered with Mark Twain Middle School English Language Learners students to write about the heroes and pioneers in their lives through engaging letters, songs, stories, and poems. As students who have recently immigrated to the United States, their stories tell of special people who have touched their lives either in their native lands or here in their new home. Their pieces are crafted to show how learning to write in a new language can be authentic, powerful, and expressive.

You can purchase Heroes and Pioneers In Our Lives here.

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