Student Writing: Edwin’s “Friendly Lendy (Read in a Dark Voice)”

What makes a good friend is sharing nice things like French fries.

A good friend shares words from the heart.
But when your heart feels bad, you may not say good things.
But when your heart feels good, you might say nice things.

Like potatoe potato.

You might also say, “You smell good girl.”
You can also share your friends with your friend.
But make sure your friend doesn’t have a best friend that is your best friend.
You can play with your best friend in front of your other friends.
Then they will be jelly.

Museum of Diamonds is a captivating collection of poems and stories from students in the After-School Tutoring Program at 826LA in Echo Park. Throughout the Fall, students discussed, brainstormed, and wrote about their Adventure-ships–adventures with their friends. In the first part of the book you will find some heart felt poetry inspired by loved ones that explore the meaning of friendship. The second part of this book chronicles the action-packed adventures of our superhero students and their sidekick besties. Finally, you’re in for a cryptic treat. Our students penned suspenseful, bone-chilling, and hillarious thrillers inspired by the Legend of “La Llorona.” Hold onto your seats, you’re in for a wild ride.  

Interested in helping students write stories like these? Become a volunteer.

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