Student Writing Wednesday: Diego’s “Closeness in Space”

Boy awoke on a planet. He has no memories. No thoughts.

Nothing. He decides to walk. Being a small planet
Boy is quickly on the other side. There he meets
Girl. Boy, being Boy, falls in love. Girl, loves
space but Boy does not mind. Girl is cool
with that. She tells Boy about a rocket
she has. Girl wants Boy to go with her. Being Boy he says yes. Girl, being Girl,
learns to love Boy.
Boy and Girl sail across the inky blackness.
As they travel across the void
they pass planets. These planets look familiar
Boy thinks. As they get closer to the
planets, they realize.
“Oh,” says Girl.
“Oh,” says Boy.
It is their planet. And on their
planet is them. Versions of them. Versions of
them throughout their lives. Boy walking.
Girl alone. Boy falling in love. In some cases,
Girl falling in Love.
Oh thinks Boy
Oh thinks Girl
They are no longer in love. They know. Their
love is not unique. They are not different
from past selves. From future selves.
“I need to go”
“I know”
Girl finds a desolate planet. It is lush and
green. Girl knows Boy will be happy here. Probably.
Boy gets off and turns back to look at Girl.
Girl leaves.
Boy stays.
Their love is infinite. Constantly. Forever. But it
is not them. Not Girl. Not Boy. Not really.

Not them. Not really, not really, not really.

About the Author
Diego is your average avid reader and self-proclaimed dork. Due to the world of science fiction, he has a strong interest in pursuing a career in forensic science, especially that of being a mortician. When asked about love and life mottos, he will simply look you in the eye and say, “Fox Mulder, The Truth Is Out There”—a tribute to his favorite show, The X-Files.

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