Student Stories: Youth Advisory Board Interviews Rob Corddry at “Tell Me A Story”

From the time travel carpet at Tell Me a Story — 826LA Youth Advisory Board Students Ciro and Christopher interviewed Rob Corddry and asked him the best question he’s ever been asked — ever. 

Ciro: Why is writing important to you? 

Well, personally writing makes me happy. I like anything that I can start doing and look up at the clock and more hours have passed than I thought. You know what I mean? It’s the thing that I do that gets me in a state of flow – where all I am doing is that one thing. 

Ciro: When did you start writing and why? 

When I was you’re age, I thought I was going to be a writer.  I used to read so much that I would just copy the style of whoever I was reading. And my mother said that was plagiarism, but come to find out — that’s actually a really great exercise to get the wheels turning. I got really into acting and it came full circle when I realized I could do both — acting and writing. That was a exciting revelation. 

Christopher: And how does acting impact your writing or writing impact your acting? 

That is a better question than I ever gotten asked from a reporter or journalist. Wow. I’m not sure it has consciously. When I’m acting, I’m acting and when I’m writing, I’m not thinking about acting. I dread acting in things that I’ve written because it’s a different hat. 

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