Rhymes of the Times: “What I Feel About L.A.”

On Saturday, February 4, in Echo Park, students came together to create a song about Los Angeles in the workshop, Rhymes of the Times, led by singer-songwriter Claire Holley.

Claire guided students through the process of writing a song from start to finish including creating a chorus and verses. To end the workshop, students sang their new song accompanied by live music performed by Claire on guitar with John Milan on percussion and Carl Byron on keyboard. It was exciting seeing students singing with unbridled enthusiasm as they wrote their song and sang their creation.

Listen to the original song below!

What I feel
About L.A.
What I know
I’m gonna say
What I think
What I love
About today

It’s safe to be in LA.
The streetlights are so dang pretty,
I met a black pug named Mogli
And now I never will be lonely!


I like to dance with a little gnome
Even though it’s far away from home
I have friends that are there for me
And I make new friends as you can see


Sunny days watching Dodgers play
Meeting nice people at the steeple
In-n-out without a doubt
has the best cheeseburger in town


It is my home in so many ways
I’ve been here for all of
My days

Songwriting is storytelling! Thank you to Claire, John, and Carl for lending their talents, their instruments, and their time to help students discover the power of coming together and making music.

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