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Publishing Overview

At 826LA, we help students understand how their writing can venture out into, interact with, and impact the world around them. For that reason, we publish student writing whenever possible. Each book is designed and published with high production value that honors our students' hardwork.

Young Authors' Book Project

Among 826LA's greatest endeavors is the annual Young Authors' Book Project, where we provide students at an LA-area school with an opportunity to become a published author by the end of the school year. Students work with 826LA volunteers to write and revise a piece based on a central theme. A select group of students answers the call to join the editorial board, which works closely with 826LA to determine the book's organization, design, and layout. After several months, their essays, poems, and stories are published as a perfect-bound book, with the students as proud authors. To date, 826LA has published nine high school anthologies; our most recent is Sun-Dried Sidewalks: Reflections on Community and Recommendations for a New Los Angeles by the students of Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets.

Student Newspapers

Students are the writers and editors of our two student newspapers—Viva Mar Vista and 826LA Good Times. Guided by our volunteers (many of whom are professional journalists), our students research and conduct interviews before drafting and revising their stories to meet deadline. We print a new issue at each site every six to eight weeks, and distribute them on site as well as through local businesses. Parents can sign their students up for journalism workshops here.

Chapbooks, Chapbooks, Chapbooks (and ’Zines)

We publish fifteen or more chapbooks of student writing a year through our after-school tutoring program. Chapbook fans everywhere will be excited to learn that students also write chapbooks every day during our field trips, and a medley are composed during 826LA workshops. Recent titles, including He Can't Stop Time Because Time Flies and My Other Dessert Is A Burrito, are available for sale in the Time Travel Mart.