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In-School Support Overview

While we at 826LA strive to make our centers and programs accessible to the community, teachers and students are not always able to make it to our writing labs. So, we send our volunteers to them! With a volunteer base that is eager to infiltrate Los Angeles schools, 826LA is prepared to provide the one-on-one writing support that students of all grade levels need in their classrooms. We can work with teachers on whatever writing their students are doing—persuasive and analytical essays, short stories, autobiographies, poems, plays for stage and screen, and those intimidating college-application essays—and we can also enable projects that teachers have dreamed of, but haven't had the support to execute.

If you're interested in bringing us to your classroom, please email us.

What Teachers Say

“Not only did their writing improve (especially use of details) but their confidence in their own abilities skyrocketed. They are more motivated (intrinsically!) to become better students.” —teacher Annie Lefkowitz

How In-School Projects Work

“As a teacher, what would you do with extra hands in your classroom?” This question is at the root of all in-school projects. Teachers tell us how we can best support their students' writing, and together we plan our support visits around that. When the day comes (or days come) for our volunteers to swoop into the classroom, the increased one-on-one attention students receive means incredible leaps and bounds for their writing. We can help with prewriting, drafting, and revision—or all of the above—whether students are working on persuasive essays, short stories, literary analysis, haiku, personal narratives or memoirs, creative non-fiction, science fair reports, college-application essays…

…and much more. In-school projects can span from one day to a few months, and some of our longer-term in-school projects are both 826LA's most visible endeavors and our best opportunities to help students grow as writers. We've helped LAUSD students assemble museum exhibitions and art galleries (indeed, Community Photoworks in conjunction with the J. Paul Getty Museum is a yearly endeavor), and once a year, in partnership with a Los Angeles high school, we publish an anthology of writing that is distributed nationwide.