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Field Trip Overview

826LA invites classes to Field Trips for free project-based interactive writing activities that support teacher curriculum and student learning. Field trips at 826LA offer a safe, creative, and nurturing space, where both imaginative learning and standards-based skill reinforcement take place. The support of our capable community of volunteers enables highly collaborative and individualized learning. In a few short hours, students leave with something tangible—a bound book or a revised essay—and a renewed confidence in their ability to read, write, and inspire.


More information about 826LA's field trip program

826LA Field Trips take place Monday through Thursday at both our locations. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer Field Trips on Friday dates. Each field trip is three hours long. Field Trips normally begin at 9:30AM at our Echo Park location, and 10:30AM at our Mar Vista location.

We at 826LA book Field Trips for both our fall and spring semesters in both our Echo Park and Mar Vista centers.

If you are interested in bringing your class to one of these Field Trips at either Mar Vista or Echo Park location, you can fill out the appropriate form below. Please note that 826LA gives priority to LAUSD schools who also qualify for Title 1 funding. We do not currently offer Field Trips to private schools or homeschool classes. If you do not meet these qualifications but are still interested in a field trip with us, fill out the form below and you may be placed on a waitlist and given spots as they become available.

Please note that our Field Trips have a maximum capacity of 40 students per field trip. If you have a class size larger than 40 students, or if you would like to bring more than one classes in for one of our Field Trips, multiple field trip dates may be arranged for you and your students.


What 826LA Can Provide

While all of 826LA services are free to students and teachers, 826LA is unable to provide transportation for Field Trips to and from our location. We encourage teachers and educators to research grants that they may apply for to obtain funding, or look into using Los Angeles’ extensive Metro system. Both our Echo Park and Mar Vista centers are located near Metro stops. DonorsChoose.org is an excellent resource for raising money for Field Trips.

826LA is happy to offer time and space for a lunch break during our Field Trips, but we are unable to provide food for students, teachers, or chaperones. As a part of the field trip, 826LA asks visiting teachers and students to provide their own lunches. Both of our facilities do have water available for students to refill their water bottles.

826LA also provides brief presentations on 826LA and our Field Trips program for schools during staff meetings and professional development trainings. If you are interested in arranging such a presentation for your school, staff, or fellow teachers, you can contact Field Trip staff with the information below.



Great question! Please take a look at our writing-based lesson plans here.


I'm ready to book a field trip for my class!

Great! We’re excited to have you. You can fill out the forms:

For field trips to 826LA in Echo Park click here.

For field trips to 826LA in Mar Vista click here.



We’d like to hear it! You can contact our Field Trip staff at the following information:

Echo Park
Kristin Lorey
Director of Programs

Mar Vista
Mike Dunbar
Programs Assistant



Students were able to take away a book that they had a hand in making. That's something that's immediate and powerful and it contributes to their developing identity as writers. It's also wonderful for students to have so much positive attention from an adult who's truly interested in their thoughts and ideas. It was wonderful to see that interaction and watch how it developed on paper. It all makes for a memorable experience for students. THANK YOU!
—Erin Powers, 6th through 8th-grade teacher, Stevenson Middle School

Thank you for everything, it was really fun and interesting at the same time. Thanks to you guys my dream came true. My dream was to write a book and you guys made it come true. I hope you guys invite other 6th graders so they could experience what we did. I am pretty sure there are other 6th graders that have a dream just like mine. Thank you for inviting us, it was the best experience in my life.
Natasha, 6th-grade student, Johnnie L. Cochran Middle School

[The most effective part of the program was] the volunteers facilitating the small group writing through questioning. The process was fun and creative! It shows the students that writing can be fun. I also love that the students return home with a meaningful artifact that can be a school memory. Students don't get to make things as much these days, so these books are special.
Jeremy Munson, 4th-grade teacher, Stoner Avenue Elementary School

For me, being a volunteer on a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure field trip is an adventure in itself. The students are learning about point-of-view, characters, cliffhangers, and sad and happy endings; it’s a map to worlds they’ll create.
—Pam, 826LA field trip volunteer

826LA’s field trips are truly creative experiences for both the volunteers and the students. The spontaneous creative sparks over the short course of a field trip are incredibly inspiring.
—Patrick, 826LA field trip volunteer


We would so love that! If you’d like to be a volunteer and help bring these students’ stories to life on a daily basis, you can find more information here.