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Field Trip Overview

826LA invites classes to field trips for free project-based interactive writing activities that support teacher curriculum and student learning. Field trips at 826LA offer a safe, creative, and nurturing space, where both imaginative learning and standards-based skill reinforcement take place. The support of our capable community of volunteers enables highly collaborative and individualized learning. In a few short hours, students leave with something tangible—a bound book or a revised essay—and a renewed confidence in their ability to read, write, and inspire.

826LA offers the following standard field trips:

Storytelling and Bookmaking

Recommended for grades 1–4

In our most popular field trip, students must bring forth their best writing to appease Mr. Barnacle, our never-seen, always-heard (and always-cranky) publisher. They work with volunteers and each other to produce a story with all-new characters, setting, and plot, all the way up to a cliffhanger—at which point students must finish the story on their own, in order to sate Mr. Barnacle's need for originality. Should everyone write up to their potential, Mr. Barnacle may approve their endings, and they'll all leave with a bound, illustrated book to take home.

Well-Wishing and Poetry Writing

Recommended for grades 3–5

In this field trip, students explore different types of poetry and poetry elements. Students work in both large and small groups, and finally individually, to write poems to cheer up our publisher’s sick pet. By the end of this field trip, each student leaves with a copy of his or her own book, and as a published poet.


Recommended for grades 5-8

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure field trip is an action-packed thriller. The students begin writing a story as a group, but stop when the second-person protagonist has a decision to make. At that point, the class splits into two to write each branch of the story. As more decisions present themselves and storylines end, the groups resplit and remerge. Every student ends the field trip by individually finishing the last four unresolved story branches, and they all take home a copy of the adventure.

Small-Group Storytelling

Recommended for grades 6-8, including special education and ELL classes

In this field trip, students visit the 826LA writing lab as guest authors for the day, tasked with writing books for children. Students work in small groups to create a story from start to finish: constructing characters, finding a setting, and planning a plot suitable for young students. Every student will leave with a copy of their own book, published and bound, to share with the young children in their lives.


Recommended for grades 9-12

Under the guidance of a working screenwriter, students work in small groups on a script written for stage or screen while learning to craft scenes and write engaging dialogue. Students will leave with a bound script, published and ready to send right off to Hollywood.

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In Mar Vista, contact mike@826la.org, or call 310.915.0200.