Planned Giving

Planned giving

If you are looking to give beyond a one-time donation, we’ve listed some ideas below to get you started. We would be honored to speak with you regarding any of these options, or any new ideas that you might have.

A gift in your will

Some donors have included a gift to 826LA in their will or living trust. Called a charitable bequest, this type of gift offers many benefits to the donor and is a great honor to 826LA.

Memorial and honorary gifts

If you have a family member or a friend whose life has been touched by 826LA, we hope you’ll consider making a gift to us in honor of that person. A gift in dedication to a friend, relative, or loved one can inspire philanthropy in others and further a cause that’s important to you.

Donor-advised funds

If you are a member or owner of a donor-advised fund, we would be honored to receive a gift from you. Please contact Joel Arquillos to discuss possibilities and to learn more.


A gift of stocks or securities can be a powerful way to contribute to 826LA. Stock that has increased in value is one of the most popular assets used for charitable giving. Making a gift of securities to us offers you the chance to benefit 826LA while realizing many important benefits for yourself.