Overheard 826LA: Sidewalk art brings 826LA student work to life

“There’s no such thing as girl colors or boy colors…just colors!” –Gerardo R.

Since the spring, 826LA has been drawing chalk art of student quotations in front of The Time Travel Mart in Echo Park. The quotes showcase students’ work from various published chapbooks and things we have overheard our students say during Field Trips, tutoring, and workshops in our writing labs. The sidewalk art has been a neat way to amplify our students’ voices in the neighborhood and bring attention to 826LA and our students’ brilliant and creative writing.

Seeing students’ powerful words written on the ground made people stop their busy LA lives and read what the students had to say (sometimes even snapping a photo or two!) From their views on breaking gender norms to their love of pizza, 826LA students have a LOT to say. So now let’s all take a moment to stop, read, and listen.

Check out all of our 826LA sidewalk stories on Instagram and Twitter: #826LAsidewalkstory

By Development Intern Aimee Ruaburo.

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