Mar Vista Songwriting Workshop: “Ballad of the Lonely Bedbug”

This March, students ages 8 to 14 took part in a Mar Vista Songwriting Workshop hosted by LA-based singer, songwriter, and actor Levi Petree.

When you sing your favorite song, do you wonder where the inspiration for those words came from? Perhaps it was the writer’s personal life experience or a work of complete imagination. No matter where it came from, it still got stuck in your head. I

n this workshop, Levi taught students about different types of songs and songwriting, and gave them the opportunity to write a story song or a catchy pop ditty of their own using three of Levi’s previously recorded tracks! Themes for the students’ songs included: not knowing what to write, childhood, food, friends, and not wanting to go to school.

At the end of the workshop, students performed their songs to the group. Take a listen to the next generation of future singers/songwriters below!


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