“I love writing and I love that I get to do that here:” An Interview with Osvaldo & Lisa

Lisa and Osvaldo receive the After-School Tutoring Young Authors’ Award for this semester’s chapbook, Sitting in a Donut Tree. 

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Osvaldo V.

Osvaldo has made bold and creative strides in his writing, crossing genres and stretching the boundaries between reality and fiction in his piece, “Man 2,” a five-part script that features original characters facing an environmental catastrophe. To the rescue are Mystery Man and Captain Powers, protagonists who double as alter-egos of Osvaldo and Osvaldo’s best friend, Edwin. His sense of humor shines through the many voices in his piece which it is packed with hilarious one-liners.

Lisa Roman

Lisa R.

During Lisa’s first semester at 826LA, she enjoyed working with tutors on writing prompts based on her own adventures in life as well as fictional stories. Lisa’s passion for writing from her imagination can be shown in her beautiful creation myth, “Star in the Sky,” in which she tells the story of the first star. Lisa’s attention to detail and sense of place help to render a work of fiction that is thoughtful and original. Throughout “Star in the Sky,” Lisa draws on themes of freedom and hope.

Read on to learn more about these young authors: 

How long have you been coming to 826LA?

Osvaldo V.: Three years.

Lisa R: This is my first year!

What’s your favorite part about 826LA?

OV: Working on writing when I come to tutoring, reading during Barnacles Bookworms, and going to field trips with 826LA like going to the Huntington Gardens and the Broad Museum.

LR: My favorite part of 826LA is getting to write stories. I love writing and I love that I get to do that here. I like to work with the tutors.

Do you have a tutor you work with every time?

OV: No. But I miss Byron because he was a funny tutor and was entertaining to work with. He was helpful too.

LR: I have two! I like to work with Sarah and Stacy.

What do you like to write about?

OV: Last year, I really enjoyed writing stories about video games. I like writing action-adventure stories that have superhero characters. My favorite character is Mystery Man (or me as a superhero). Captain Powers is Edwin, my sidekick.

LR: I like to write from my imagination. I like to write about my own adventures and made up adventures. I liked writing about discovering a new planet.

What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

OV: It’s hard to say. I’ve enjoyed writing a lot of stories during tutoring…..

LR: My favorite piece of writing that I’ve done is writing about a new planet. I like the story about how the stars got in the sky.   

What do you want to be when you grow up?

OV: I want to make videos of everything I do like video game reviews and updates about new things in my life.

 LR: I think I want to be a chef or a writer. I want to be a baker of cakes. I’d like to write fiction.

The first title of your book will be…

OV: History of Diamonds. This book would be a creative non-fiction about my experiences as a student trying to be a geologist and studying diamonds.

LR: The Discovery of Mars. It would be a fictional story about how an astronaut discovered mars.

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