“Left with pride and no more fear:” The 826LA Theme Song

In March, Rock Camp for Girls Los Angeles hosted an 826LA theme song writing workshop facilitated by  Becky Gebhardt, Houda Zakeri, Marisa Demeglio, Beth Schore, and Rachel McGowan. Every year, Rock Camp for Girls leads a summer camp where they turn young girls into rock stars — promoting collaboration, building confidence, and celebrating unique and diverse voices. In this 826LA workshop, students wrote a theme song about 826LA with the help of these amazing musicians! 

The workshop leaders walked students through the basics of writing a chorus as a class before breaking into small groups to write the verses. The workshop offered students a chance to explore what makes 826LA special to them and how it supports them creatively. It was amazing to hear students share their ideas and express them through the music. In just two hours, students had written a completely original song.

Check out the awesome lyrics below:


There once was a student at 826LA
Hoping to make friends that day
The nerves felt like rocks though he was not a fox
Conversation, imagination, concentration
They came seeking ideas here
And left with pride and no more fear


Ideas, thinking, books and learning!


Thinking is feeling like your brain
is going to explode
Destroying old ideas and creating new ones
A storm of words inside your brain
Writing books and lots of stories


Ideas, thinking, books and learning!


Learning about writing and reading
And working in groups
Gives me confidence
To make new friends

Thank you Rock Camp For Girls for helping create 826LA’s very own theme song! 

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