Little Giants & Beaming Mr. Barnacles: Celebrating 826 Day

August 26th might seem like just another summer day, but for 826LA, it’s a celebration — It’s 826 Day! Every year, alongside the other 826 chapters across the country, we celebrate the people that make the 826 community so special.  

This 826 Day, 826LA conducted a day-long “virtual poetry slam” where followers were invited to write “8-ku-6” poems, tag #826day to explore poems written by our own staff, volunteers, and students, and share their own creations. These three line poems followed the format of a haiku, but with a twist:

1st Line: 8 syllables
2nd line: 2 syllables
3rd line: 6 syllables

There were so many amazing poems shared throughout the day. Some haikus were reflections on life up to this moment or a thought of future dreams to come. Others pondered the other-worldy nature of 826LA’s Mr. Barnacle. Thank you to all who participated in 826 Day! Enjoy a selection of a few 8-ku-6’s below:



Lazer-eyed unicorns suit up
Blast off
Mr. Barnacle beams
By: Nikki San Pedro

I still think about them often
How nice
They do not go away
By: @mamucci1

A little giant cries aloud,
reading, literacy!”
By: @brugge

The big pink tree makes enough shade
to grow
new words for love and life.
By: Marisa Urrutia Gedney,
Director of Education

Creativity is fun and
WE can
Write to our hearts’ content
By: San
826LA Volunteer

I was scared poet, fast-drowning
Now I
swim typhoons, pen and smile.
By: Michael Reyes,
Volunteer Outreach & Retention Assistant

Interested helping transform personal statements into poems? Become a volunteer!

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