Imagine if an empty classroom became a Writers’ Room

MAphotoImagine if an empty high school classroom could become a Writers’ Room, a place where aspiring authors write chapter one of their first novel or 12th graders find help with that all-important essay for their college applications.

826LA’s Writers’ Room at Manual Arts High School in South LA is such a place, and your tax-deductible gift makes it possible.

Writing in a supportive community can change the course of young lives. In 826LA’s first year at Manual Arts, the school saw a 10% increase in the number of students admitted to four year colleges!

Your tax-deductible donation today helps keep 826LA’s Writers’ Room at Manual Arts High School open to South LA students all year long. A gift of $100 provides support to one young writer this year at Manual Arts. Imagine that!

Click here to donate.

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