Field Trip Book of the Week: “Feel Better, Molly! & Other Poems”

In this Field Trip Book of the Week, we’d like to highlight one of our favorite field trip lessons: the Well-Wishing & Poetry-Writing Field Trip! Students from grades 2 through 5  join us on this field trip to write poems in an attempt to make our publisher’s sick pet feel better. In this particular Field Trip, Ms. Rubio’s fourth-grade class from Camino Nuevo Charter School—Kayne Siart Campus wrote poems to Molly the Giraffe, who had a terrible cold.

Students worked as a class to discover some new poetry concepts, like onomatopoeia and alliteration, and practiced them by writing a list poem composed of things that would make Molly the Giraffe feel better. After, in small groups, students wrote odes to items found in our Time Travel Marts. Finally, students wrote narrative poems in the form of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Read on for a list poem and odes, written by some very smart, very poetic fourth-graders.

A huge thanks to the volunteers who made this field trip possible: Steph Belsky, Anthony Martinez, our wonderful intern Raquel Olvera, and of course, Mari Provencher as our very own, very sad Mrs. Barnacle.

WWPW Feel Better Molly (1)

WWPW Feel Better Molly2

WWPW Feel Better Molly3

WWPW Feel Better Molly4

WWPW Feel Better Molly5

WWPW Feel Better Molly6

WWPW Feel Better Molly7

WWPW Feel Better Molly8

WWPW Feel Better Molly9

WWPW Feel Better Molly10

WWPW Feel Better Molly11

WWPW Feel Better Molly12

WWPW Feel Better Molly13

Students participate in field trips like these up to four times a week at both of our centers in Los Angeles, and carry the experience of being a published author with them for years to come. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these fun and exciting field trips, you can find more information on our volunteer page. If you are a LAUSD teacher and would like to bring your students in for a field trip, you can find more information here.

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