Create the Echo Park Time Travel Mart's New Window Display!

Here at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, even our most forward-looking decor sometimes becomes outdated. Yes, it is time for us to redo our lovely storefront window display, and we want YOU to help!

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is a whimsically themed convenience store catering to time travel. The functions of the store are manifold—providing a gateway to the community, acting as a public art space, and serving as a valuable vehicle for attracting both students and volunteers.

In addition to purchasing 826LA student publications, shoppers at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart can take care of all of their time travel needs with the purchase of essential items such as a robot toupee, Viking Odorant, and good ol' Mammoth Chunks. All proceeds from the sale of products sold in the store are used to directly support 826LA programs.

826LA is a non-profit writing and tutoring organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6–18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers get their students excited about writing. Our highly-visible location on a busy strip of Sunset Boulevard in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles is viewed by thousands of drivers and pedestrians every day. We highly suggest stopping by the store at 1714 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 to get a taste for the store's offerings and see the space for yourself.


In line with our time travel concept, we want this window display to focus on the year 2050, specifically Los Angeles during this time period. The artist will also incorporate quotes from 826LA students about their vision of the future. Proposals should be visually attractive to residents, tourists, and shoppers. It should be enticing (as well as age-appropriate) for local students and families who come to 826LA to use the tutoring center.


The chosen proposal will be a riveting visual experience that increases the number of visitors to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart by luring local shoppers into the store, as well as an exciting new artist-driven installation that encourages a new audience from across the city to make a special trip to the store.


The concept must be specifically configured for the window space. The artist must make use of the black chalkboard paint that is now on the large part of the wall, but can repaint the bottom half of the wall. For detailed information, download this PDF which includes dimensions and specs, as well as photos of the window. 826LA will provide a budget of $300 to the chosen proposal to cover materials. The artist is welcome to donate additional funds or materials.The artist must be in Los Angeles between March 28–30 to install the display. Please note that the artist will be volunteering his/her time and talents to create this display, and will receive bragging rights, social media attention, and the adoration of 826LA staff and students as well as various Time Travel Mart swag in return. Please submit your proposal by March 22.


Download the window specifications here. Find student quotes for inspiration here. Submissions must include

When finished, you can submit it to laurenrock[at]826LA[dot]org or drop it off in person at the store. Deadline for submissions is March 22. Still have questions? Direct them to laurenrock[at]826LA[dot]org.