Centaur Club 2017: Volunteers Make Us Exist

It’s that time of year again…the air is warm, the sun is bright, and 826LA just honored its most dedicated volunteers at the annual Centaur Club celebration! These mythical, devoted creatures gathered at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood so that 826LA could show them how essential they are all of our programs, and how much we appreciate the time and effort they offer us and the students we serve.

As the scent of tacos, soon to be devoured, wafted in from outside, 826LA’s best and brightest got to know one another. Impromptu group selfies were taken, discussions were had about the best Time Travel Mart products (Team Mood Ring all the way), and the ice was broken in spectacular fashion!

The festivities proceeded with our very own game show, where volunteers battled it out in ferocious bouts of rock-paper-scissors for the opportunity to figure out student answers to questions about the life of an 826LA volunteer.

Yes, kids really think that adults spend their weekends sorting mail and crying. For those volunteers sharp enough to crack these questions, the spoils included goodies from the Time Travel Mart, museum passes, and gift certificates for yoga classes, bookstores, and restaurants.

Everyone left a winner, though, because all volunteers went home with a bag of Time Traveler’s Tools (designed by Cal Poly Pomona Service Learners), made up of a certificate of awesomeness, an 826LA button, and a guide for anyone interested in a bit of temporal exploration. Students filled volunteers in on the essentials for Cavepeople Times – a monster truck and gold, of course – and the most exquisite delicacies of The Ice Age, fishy burger and fishy soup with blueberry and raspberry shake at Mammoth’s Buffet. Centaurs also learned that one simply cannot leave Ancient Egypt without visiting the pyramids and getting married to a king, and that if you want to make the best-dressed list on the Planet Zipzorp in the Year 3000, you’d better wear fish and special shoes that help you fly.

“Having fun,
getting help,
being nice,
being kind,
them loving you,
us loving them.”

-Yatzel, 7

Nothing left more of an impression, however, than a video of 826LA students thanking their tutors, and talking about what 826LA means to them. The love and appreciation radiated in all directions, and we hope to have even more Centaurs share it with us next year!

826LA would like to thank Angel City BrewerySoho Taco Gourmet CateringThe Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown ComicsLACMAThe BroadYogaWorksBook SoupSkylight BooksHeadspaceThe PikeySamuel French, and the Museum of Tolerance for making Centaur Club 2017 a day to remember! 

— Kyra Lunenfeld

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