The Magical Unicorn, Broccoli Girl and Bacon-Man: Nickelodeon Visits 826LA

This month Barnacle’s Bookworms students got a special visit from Nickelodeon. Over a dozen animators came to 826LA as part of Nickelodeon Let’s Draw program, where they visit schools and other organizations, and draw alongside students showing them the basics of illustration in the process. During their visit to 826LA, the Nick animators helped bring to life the students’ very own original characters.  

Students were excited to draw alongside Nickelodeon animators and spend over an hour brainstorming funny and new characters. In some cases students created one character in other cases they created a whole slew of characters.

For example, students Christian B. and Crisitan M. worked with their animator to create Bacon-Man and Donut-Man who battled the evil (but healthy) Broccoli Girl! Another student, Angel L., collaborated with the Nick animator to draw a Cat-Dog hybrid that was over two pages long. Another student, Fatima L., came up with Maria The Magical Unicorn and her group of magical friends. Hopefully our students will continue to develop their characters and write them into adventures and new worlds.

For students, this was a great way to practice visual character development and enjoy a morning drawing characters with someone who may animate a show they watch! The illustrations from this visit will be featured in the first Barnacle’s Bookworms chapbook so others can enjoy.

826LA wants to say a very, very big thank you to
Nickelodeon for visiting, sharing their love of drawing, and making the imaginary real!

Check out more photos of the workshop here.

If you want to help students draw their hearts out, sign up to volunteer.

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